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2D 3D Coordinate Geometry Learning Track

The 2D 3D Coordinate Geometry Learning Track is a combination of four courses put together taken from different NCERT mathematics books. The complete learning track will teach you the complete basics of two and three dimensional coordinate geometry all the way up to class 12 of the NCERT educational system.

The purpose behind creating such learning tracks is to help you pick the right combination of courses for specific purposes. For example, to learn trigonometry, you might need to take only a few courses. It it to be noted that the nature of mathematics is such that every concept is usually linked to every other concept. Such learning tracks are helpful as long as you have completed all the prerequisites.


Before going through this learning track, you must have learned algebra and trigonometry discussed in all the NCERT textbooks all the way up to class 11 well.

Learning Track Modules

Here is an overview of the four modules contained in this learning track: