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At Great IT Courses, you will simply learn mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics and everything that comes with them like IT. When we say "simply", we mean that literally, meaning that our purpose out of learning all of those subjects is simply learning those subjects alone and not necessarily getting jobs or the money that might come afterwards, etc.

To that end, we produce our courses around the same philosophy, designed to achieve the exact same objective. Whenever necessary, we take as much time as necessary to "understand" some concept that needs to be understood and, whenever not necessary, we might simply leave something out that might fulfill important academic requirements but might otherwise not be that important. This, of courses, rarely happens because since in sience things are interconnected, you usually cannot leave things out completely. You could, however, place more emphasis on certain topics and concepts.

The reasoning behind our philosophy is very simple: you always get only one day at a time. You can do whatever you want to do with this one day, of course provide that you know how. We are making the assumption that you already know how to do that. If you don't, you can start with the assumptions you are already making that prevent you from doing so. Examine those assumptions with correct logic, not necessarily the kind of logic all humans generally collectively use. Remember, that the test of all knowledge, as pointed out by doctor Richard Fynmann is always only experiment. Ultimately the test of any knowledge is experiment. This simply means that if your knowledge or logical conclusions tell you that you cannot do a certain thing, the only way to know if that is true is to actually try to do that particular thing. Your logical conclusion might be wrong as it usually is the case with with things believed to be true by humans. Assuming that you have taken care of this step, let us move to the next.

Conventionally, we usually choose to spend this one day on important or necessary things like a good future, jobs, a good income, future financial security, etc. These are all great choices in and of themselves but we rarely spend the one day on really necessary or important things like literacy. If you are illiterate right now and if there is the possibility to secure yourself a great future, of course you would choose to take care of you immediate illiteracy right now. And given the way our educational systems work today all over the world, trying to finish everything off in the shortest amount of time possible, you pass your exams and a few months later you will forget everything and it's also true that you never had the time to learn anything conceptually in the first place because you had no time to do so. So if we look at literacy defined this way, it would very hard, if not impossible, to find literate people today. Of course almost everybody is very good at following instructions, but almost no one is capable of doing something original on their own.

The courses you would find on Great IT Courses are designed to give you practical understanding, although you are free to use them in any way that you want.

Currently we are working on the following learning tracks:

Some early courses by us are bing hosted by Back at the time of production of those courses, we chose to produce them as paid courses. We have to keep them as paid courses which is a decision made by Udemy. Since the number of these courses is not high at all, this should not pose any practical problems.

Some courses are available on Youtube free of cost.

Recent courses exist neither on Youtube nor on Udemy. We have made this decision because otherwise, we would have to comply with all the rules and regulations set forth by those platforms which do not always comply with our agenda. These courses do not exist on any online server either, but if request those courses, we will make arrangements so that you recieve them free of cost as a simple download. We have made this decision because of all the problems that come with online hosting issues and the consequent problem of managing those files on an online server.

We wish you success with you self-education!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!