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Course 45p1

Coure Information

Course 45p1 has been recorded based on the book Algebra and Trigonometry from the Openstax College for students of NCERT/CBSE class 12 of the Indian educational system. Other audiences will, in general, benefit from this course but the course has been recorded having that primary audience in mind.

This is to say that, if you don't come from the Indian mathematics educational background, some concepts or terminology discussed in the course might not be readily understandable to you but the course should be, in general, useful for almost all audiences.

The Course was created on 2/20/21.


To understand this course, you must have learned basic high school algebra, trigonometry well.

Course Content

The following sections of chapter 10 of the book Algebra and Trigonometry from the Openstax College have been discussed in course 45p1:

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To obtain course 45p1, please download a zipped file of size approximately 5GB from our server.

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