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German Foundation Course

In this course, you learn the German language up to a very advanced level in just about 15 hours. To use this course you need to know the English language perfectly.

Here's how the course teaches you the German language: The whole course content is broken down into short sentences. You need to make those sentences one by one, speak them and move to the next sentence until you are at the end of the course.

This foundation course serves as the foundation for the next courses in this series that will build on top of this course. There are four more courses after this one and all the courses together are not over 50 hours long.

This means that the complete series teaches you the German language up to some level like the B2 level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in under 50 hours. The 50 hours can easily be managed in a month's time if you spend around 2 hours a day on the courses.

These courses have been built based on the Michel Thomas's method of teaching languages. We have added other components to the original Michel Thomas method though.

Course Code: 18s1

Course Format: Video

How to Obtain Course: The course videos are available on Youtube. The course notes must be downloaded below.

Course Source: Not applicable.

Production Date: 10/28/2021

Course Videos: Coure Videos - Youtube Playlist

Notes Download: Download the Course Notes from Server

Upon completion of this course as explained in the course, you need to continue with course 18s2.

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