Mathematics - 6-12 Standard

Welcome to Mathematics - 6-12 Standard Road Map.

For a while, we have been working on a different road map but we had to discontinue it. The former road map was taking advantage of the OpenStax textbooks. They are great textbooks, readily available to everyone free of cost and you can use the text in almost every way you need to without worrying much about copyright. The problem that we came across while spending time on those books was that they don't spend much time on the basics of mathematics and the real problems that most people have in mathematics are almost always in the basics of mathematics, in numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Otherwise, if people understood those basic things well, nobody would have any problem with calculus. Everybody knows that calculus is nothing but simple addition and subtraction yet nobody really knows the meaning of addition and subtraction, yet everybody wants to learn calculus. By this statement, I do not mean that students cannot do the four main operations on numbers. Almost all students can do long division and almost everybody knows 2 * 3 = 6 but they know all that as techniques. They do not understand the meaning of division, multiplication, etc. In other words, they do not understand why those techniques work and that become the biggest insurmountable problem when you get to calculus. Calculus will become your biggest enemy because you have to memorize calculus as well as some "techniques" which is an impossible thing to do. 

So we discontinued that road map and went back to the basics, class 6 where all the real mathematics starts, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. In doing so, we needed a good bulletproof curriculum. For that, we chose the Indian school curriculum. Everybody knows that Indians are very good at mathematics. There's a reason for that. Their textbooks are very good and they practice a lot. The textbooks from the National Council of Educational Research and Training of India are copyright although you could download them from their website and use them for personal purposes. 

Those books are great books but they had two problems for our work here. First, they have been written for kids. Our courses here are mainly geared towards adult learners or those who are a little more serious about their mathematics. Second, as mentioned before, they are copyright. So you cannot use the text for online courses. Because of the same two reasons, we had to start writing our own textbooks based on the material found in those books. For now, we are writing the books piece by piece in the form of blog posts as and when we require them. Later, we might put all the posts together and create textbooks out of them. 

Long story short, those textbooks will take you all the way from the very basics of mathematics, numbers and the four basic operations on numbers all the way up to calculus and that is exactly what we are going to do here. We are going to pick the suitable material, put them together and present them in the form of online courses that you'll be able to take on All the published courses will be listed on this page. Happy learning mathematics and thank you for learning with us!