CBSE/NCERT Mathematics Road Map - Class 6 to 12

This mathematics road map teaches you mathematics starting from class 6 (the four main operations in mathematics, namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) all the way up to class 12 (calculus). The road map is arranged based on the NCERT/CBSE books used in the standard Indian high school education system.

We have reviewed and worked with probably every set of books related to basic mathematics and these books were the best ones we could find based on the natural flow and the depth of the material in them. Moreover, when used properly, meaning that if you understand the concept well and solve the exercises provided in the books, you will have a solid foundation in mathematics that you need if you plan to go anywhere in science or engineering.

Also, there are already lots of resources related to these book on the Internet in case you get into trouble or get stuck somewhere in the books, such as many free playlists on Youtube for possibly every chapter of every book, many websites offering the exercise solutions in the pdf form, even lots of websites offering online live coaching, etc. The road map below will provide you with a clear explanation of all the concepts in the right order. We might change the original order of the material if and when necessary but we are not planning on disturbing the natural flow of the material that you can already find in the books. 

Below, we'll list all the chapters of each book individually. Each chapter will be one complete course in the road map that you can take on It's possible that we will combine 2 or more chapters if it is possible or necessary. Moreover, there are a few chapter among all of the books that deal with practical geometry, meaning working practically with a geometry set. We will, most probably, not produce those courses.