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Mathematics Main Page

On Great IT Courses, we have the following different learning tracks related to mathematics:

NCERT/CBSE refer to the books used in the standard educational system of India. We have courses taken from mathematics class 6 through 12. On the website of the National Council of Educational Research and Training of India, you can download the books for free.

There are also a number of OpenStax books that we have been working on including:

Currently, we have produced the following learning tracks. Please note that we usually add to the list of courses on the following pages. To check whether any courses have been added to the pages, you can check back at each page periodically or read the News section of this website.

Additional Mathematics Related Learning Tracks

To learn two-dimensional and three-dimensional coordinate geometry, you can use the following learning track, which consists of four individual courses taken from NCERT books:

For Proofs in Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, please use the following courses:

For Mathematical Modelling, please use the following courses:

For Trigonometry, please use the following courses: